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Women’s Fashion Scarves, This new feature allows you to place bids, receive bidding notifications, and confirmation notifications directly by text. In order to use this new feature please remember to opt-in within the Text Bidding section of your account to the terms and conditions as well as have your credit card on file. They’re– like– like do you guys remember when the Canadians were wearing those, like, barber pole jerseys from a couple of years ago? And I think with a few alterations– like the piping on the sides are pretty weird. I know some people have let it be known that they are pro piping. Avry, you’re smiling at me phrasing.Hockey is a game, and games are supposed to be fun. The extra stuff going on, where it’s all like, yeah, these stripes are for every county, I’m not here for that. It looks like lame cursive writing on a blank canvas, which is apparently a no go in Avry’s world, and 21 stripes because, you know, that’s how many counties are in there. Like, that’s too many stripes– too many stripes on a jersey, 21. I mean, that– that– again, I can’t follow that. But, like, you said it was like the Zellers?Yes, just the home jerseys, because there are a few instances where teams away jerseys are vastly different than their home ones. It’s only fair to judge everyone on the same even playing field after all. Man, those black jerseys are nice. Another Ottawa 67s alumni, and like Bahl, Okhotyuk is a stay-at-home defensive defenseman. The Russian defender is not as big a Bahl, but he is a very hard hitter.